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My first jQuery-Plugin passes PHP-Code from given elements (i.e. div-Containers) to an AJAX-Script which highlights the given code with the PHP builtin function highlight_string(). The returning highlighted string will be set back into the container it came from.

This plugin is nothing special but helpful for HTML-Documentation files. I use it to write down my PHP examples in simple HTML files without creating messy PHP files with code inside the code. ;-) It’s a clean and safe way and even nice for search engines. ;-)

Example 1:

$dh = mysql_connect(„localhost“, „user“, „pass“);

echo „hello world!“;


Example 2:

for($i = 0; $i < 53; $i++) { print $i + 4 . '<br />'; }

Usage example 1:

Using default AJAX URL: ./phpcode.php


Usage example 2:

Using alternative AJAX URL: /ajax/ajax.phpcode.php



jquery.phpcode.js (JavaScript-File)

jquery.phpcode.zip (Package with JavaScript-File and PHP-AJAX-Script)

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  1. phpman sagt:

    Hey, can this apply to textarea also?

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